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Paris, January 13th 2022

Web Geo Services in partnership with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team invites clients and partners to gather at a Mapathon!

To kick off the year, Web Geo Services calls up for participants of its entire community to learn to map uncharted territories.

This activity will take place on January 20th at 1 PM in a virtual session. 

Mapping is predominantly important for humanitarian organisations like Red Cross and Médecins sans frontières because it enables them to respond effectively. In low and middle-income countries maps are often incomplete - there are loads of blank spaces which impedes planning for disaster response and other life-saving activities. 

At the WGS' Mapathon, organized in partnership with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team,  participants will volunteer their time to help create maps of communities around the world that are vulnerable to disasters and disease outbreaks. With no prior preparation, anyone will be able to learn to do it and contribute in time.



If someone wants to deliver food, water or vaccines, they need to know the route to get from where they are. The map might not be made yet but things like buildings and roads can be seen really clearly in the satellite imagery. In a Mapathon, the job of participants would be to turn the satellite images into maps by drawing the buildings and roads on top of them. "Once you learn, you can map anytime, from anywhere for as little as five minutes as remember that more than 1 billion people are living in a place that is not mapped yet"  says Sam Colechester one of the volunteers, at Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team.

At Web Geo Services, maps are our passion, it's part of our DNA! Learning to create them, contributing into helping solve worldwide challenges and doing this alongside with our clients, partners and employees represents an immense pleasure.  We view the mapathon project as a sustainable initiative that will contribute to our legacy. It is a way to pay-back to our society, while also having some fun!

Jean-Thomas Rouzin, Founder and Co-CEO at Web Geo Services


Besides working on high-priority mapping projects requested by humanitarian organisations the Mapathon will be also a great opportunity to meet professionals from other companies, contribute together toward a unique goal and make a positive impact.


To attend the event, check out below to see the details. For any questions, please contact us at  info@webgeoservices.com.

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